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Welcome 3/4 and 5/6’s, you will find your music resources on your year level page. Loads more coming soon. Feel free to check out the ukulele page also. Have fun!

Miss Michelle Budd

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On the first week of school holidays we went to Melbourne and we went to ACMI – which stands for Australia Centre of Moving Images. We saw the dream works exhibition and it was cool to see all of the sets done out of clay and other materials. We saw a model of shreks house and a full model of Wallace and grommets garden that was so cool. and we got to do our own little animation about a fish in the sea.

oscar is this about performing arts?

Thanks Miss Budd for teaching the 3/4s music. And for using your time when you could be having your own time but your being kind and teaching us awesome music

thanks so munch for teaching us cool stuff

Congratulations boys! Thanks for filming and editing – a job well done and I am sure it will be appreciated by many!!

Thanks to ALL the students involved for making it such a special production. Each of you contributed in your own way to make it a memorable time for the cast, crew and audiences. WELL DONE SUPERSTARS! Your confidence shines through….

Congratulations boys! You have worked hard to film and edit – your efforts will be appreciated by many.

Thanks to ALL students for working together to make it a memorable performance for yourselves and your audiences. Each of you in the cast and crew have contributed your talents in different ways to make it a great experience. WELL DONE SUPERSTARS!

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